Hindu Homage for the Deceased

How asthivisarjan.com Helps Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Across the Globe

In the Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed called Asthi Visarjan, the ashes and bones of the deceased member of the family have to be immersed and scattered in the flowing waters of one of the prescribed holy rivers, lakes, and ponds in India. This becomes a challenge for the living family that resides outside of India who may not be able to travel all the way back to the motherland to have the Asthi Visarjan ritual performed and attend the ceremony on site.

This constraint in distance often becomes a reason for the ritual not to be performed right away, as prescribed in Hindu sacred scriptures and tradition, or worse, not performed at all on the dearly departed family member.




However, every Hindu knows that a religious obligation such as Asthi Visarjan is compulsory because the homage for the dearly departed helps the soul have a less painful journey in the afterlife and liberate them from the karmic cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This becomes a dilemma for non-resident Indians (NRI’s) who are not located in India. To address this reality, www.asthivisarjan.com has come up with a solution to make sure that Indians living abroad are able to perform the religious ritual for their dearly departed even without them going back to India to attend and perform the actual ritual ceremony in any of the prescribed holy bodies of water in India.

On the holy site of the NRI family’s choice, Hindu priests will perform the religious ceremony for the deceased, according to the holy scriptures and sacred traditions. In the process, the NRI family gets to fulfill their religious obligation for their dearly departed loved ones. This is the vision of www.asthivisarjan.com: to make sure that each and every Indian family living abroad anywhere across the globe can bestow homage to their dearly departed family member in a traditional and timely manner.

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