Hindu Homage for the Deceased

Importance of Ancestors to Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

Along with Hindu religious obligations, family and ancestors are of prime importance to followers of the Hindu religion. There are Hindu religious rituals that are precisely accorded to the dearly departed loved ones and ancestors. These rituals and ceremonies are meant to pay homage to family and forefathers, bestow love and respect upon them, and help their soul lessen the suffering while along its journey to the achievement of salvation in the presence of the Divine Power.


Hindu religious obligations


In Hindu holy scriptures, the soul having departed from the human and material body cannot complete its journey without the Hindu religious ritual of Asthi Visarjan or the final resting homage for the dearly departed. This ritual should be performed in a timely and traditional manner, as prescribed in Hindu sacred texts. If the ritual is performed along these lines, the living family would have accomplished their religious obligation as much as proven that ancestors are important to them.

Indians living abroad are not exempt from the Hindu religious ritual of Asthi Visarjan which must be conducted along the banks and in the waters of any of the prescribed holy sites in India. For non-resident Indians (NRI’s), there are groups such as www.asthivisarjan.com that conduct the ritual right on a prescribed holy site in India and performed by Hindu priests as called for in the holy scriptures, without requiring the actual attendance of the NRI family during the ceremony.

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