Hindu Homage for the Deceased

The Convenient Process of asthivisarjan.com

The professional group of www.asthivisarjan.com addresses the precise needs of Indians living abroad, and anywhere across the globe, in terms of their Hindu religious obligation of Asthi Visarjan. The ritual pays homage to their dearly departed by having the cremated remains immersed and scattered in the flowing waters of any of the prescribed holy rivers, lakes, and ponds in India. With the group’s end-to-end service, the deceased Indian who had lived outside of India can now be honored with the Hindu religious ritual for the deceased, as bestowed upon them by their living family, without the family having to go back to India themselves for the ceremony.




Online Asthi Visarjan for Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) is a simple and convenient one-stop process with www.asthivisarjan.com. If you are non-resident Indians (NRI’s) living anywhere across the globe, simply get in touch with our group, www.asthivisarjan.com. This website contains the full instructions to follow for the convenient and easy process, beginning with filling out our online form and submitting the necessary documents needed. From your location anywhere in the world, you can ship your Asthi Parcel or the funeral ashes of your dearly departed loved one to our New York office. We will, then, ship the cremated remains to your choice of any of the prescribed holy sites in India. Our Brahmin pandits or Vedic priests on site will perform the Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed in accordance with sacred scriptures and traditions by immersing and scattering the ashen remains in the flowing waters of the holy river, lake, or pond in India.

Video footage and images of the actual ceremony will be promptly uploaded on your mobile Asthi app which you would have earlier downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You will receive emails and push notifications from us every step of the way in this worry-free and convenient process. Your need to perform the Hindu religious obligation for the dearly departed will be professionally addressed by our group.

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