Brahmin Daan for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

According to the Vedas, the essence of daan is to help those in need. Need may mean hunger, ignorance, and safety and security, among others. Teaching someone the Vedas and giving food to the hungry are said to be the best forms of daan. If one is able to share to the needy that which he also needs is the truest and highest form of daan. In a word, daan means charity. But in the act of charity, the giver should share with a pure heart and the receiver should accept with a happy heart. There should be a general flowing of love and kindness because without these, the giver and the receiver will be bound for hell.

The overarching concept in daan is the Hindu principle of karma. In Hinduism, daan is a way to achieve punya or saintly virtue for the sake of clearing karma. The giving of daan or charity in Hinduism is bound to benefit both the giver and the receiver. It improves the lives of both the one who receives the charity as well as the giver of charity. When one helps the helpless, he is also helping himself. While giving becomes a selfless act, the giver is ultimately blessed with peace of mind and happiness.

In Brahmin Daan or sharing resources with Brahmins or charity to Brahmins, the spirit of loved ones are called upon in the person of the Brahmin. Giving food, clothes, bed, and shoes, among other things to a Brahmin is tantamount to giving the same to the spirit of the loved one. Thus, these things help the spirit in its journey in the afterlife on its way to heaven.

Brahmin Daan should be practiced regularly, but what is more important is Brahmin Daan during shraadh. This is for the reason that the spirit of loved ones and ancestors that visit during shraadh will leave bringing with them these items of comfort.

For Indians living abroad anywhere across the globe or non-resident Indians (NRIs) who want the Hindu ritual of Brahmin Daan performed and are unable to do it themselves, our group offers professional and affordable Brahmin Daan services. Contact us today and our representative will attend to you right away.

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