Hindu Religious Homage to Departed Souls and Ancestors through Monetary Donations for the Feeding of Sacred Cows, Poor Children in Slums, and Urban Poor Families

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Followers of the Hindu religion which include non-resident Indians (NRIs) all over the world pay tribute to the memory of deceased loved ones and forefathers. The Hindu religious rituals for the dearly departed called Asthi Visarjan and Pind Daan are Hindu religious obligations where the living family can help the departed souls attain peace and comfort in their journey towards salvation. These rituals are performed by Indians anywhere they are located across the globe.

In the afterlife, the Hindu soul experiences great pain. To ease its suffering and hasten its journey toward uniting with the Divine, the family needs to perform Hindu religious rituals to show their love and respect for their dearly departed loved ones and forefathers.

Like Asthi Visarjan and Pind Daan, another important Hindu religious ritual for the departed and ancestors to give them peace in the afterlife is the feeding of cows and assuring their lifetime care. Along with this important effort is the helping of poor Indian children and families in urban slum areas.

A Call to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to Help Feed The Sacred Cows

According to Hindu sacred belief, donating money for the care and betterment of cows bestows upon the giver an outpouring of blessings of peace and prosperity.
Reasons why the cow is sacred according to Hindu holy texts and why it has been worshipped by devotees since ancient times:

  • The cow is worshipped by followers of Hinduism as the mother of all creatures.
  • Cows are believed to be the Goddesses of the Gods.
  • The cow is believed to be the embodiment of the auspiciousness of the Universe.
  • In Hindu scriptures, it is stated that the cow is mother to more than 33 crore demigods.
  • In the holy texts of the Bhagwad Gita, the Lord Krishna calls the cow as Kamadhenu which means wish-fulfilling cow, or also known as the Surabhi cow.
  • As sacred beings, cows are God’s living creatures that help sustain people’s lives on Earth. Hence, they should be accorded with proper respect and loving care. It is but right to care for and feed the sacred cows so that they live longer and healthier.
  • It is believed by Hindu devotees that the feeding of cows gives peace and satisfaction to the soul of the dearly departed loved one.
  • Hindus believe that feeding sacred cows earns blessings from the gods.

Caring for cows and maintaining their sustenance is a lifetime commitment from Hindus. Proof of this is the proliferation of cow shelters (Panjrapol) all across India. These centers rely on monetary donations from kindhearted and concerned Hindus. The number of these centers is even increasing. All Hindus in India and across the globe are enjoined to donate money for the continued purchase of grass for cow food.

Our group is privileged to have the honor of helping some of these cow centers to ensure that sacred cows are being taken care of for the rest of their lives. In association with Vardhamaan Sanskaar Dham, the Jivdaya Foundation is actively participating in the maintenance of cow centers and sustenance of sacred cows. The Jivdaya Foundation is headed by Yug Pradhan Sam Acharya P.P. Panyash Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaj Saheb and is ably supported by other honorable members of the community.

Our group enjoins you and all the non-resident Indians (NRIs) all across the globe to extend your help to these cow shelters by way of monetary donations that will go to the sustenance of these sacred cows. Your most kind monetary donation will go to either one of the two cow centers named Rajpur Disa Panjarapol and Viramgam Khodadhor Panjarapol.

Below are the donation options you can choose from by which you can help the cows:

  • Purchase of 1 truck of GREEN grass for cows (12 tons).
  • Purchase of 1 truck of WHITE/YELLOW grass for cows (12 tons).
  • Maintenance and sustenance of 1 cow for its whole life.
  • Feeding Green Grass to 8000-9,000 cows for 1 day (100 tons).
  • Feeding WHITE/YELLOW DRY Grass to 8000-9,000 cows for 1 day (100 tons).

You can help feed cows, some of which are old and no longer of service for farming or milking. Your monetary donations that will go toward their sustenance at these Panjrapol centers in India for the rest of their lives will merit blessings from the gods as cows are heavenly beings in the Hindu religion, as well as bestow peace upon the souls of your dearly departed loved ones and ancestors.

A Call to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to Help Feed the Poor and Hungry in Urban Slums

Another practice in the Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed and ancestors is donating monetary help in feeding poor children in slum areas and impoverished families belonging to the urban poor. Hindu devotees believe that this is a way to give peace and comfort to the souls of the dearly departed, and help ease their suffering in the afterlife as they go on their journey to ultimately unite with the Divine.

There is always a call to help feed the needy and the hungry in our midst, as we see the huge difference between those benefited with wealth and comfort and those wallowing in sheer poverty.

Below are very relevant ways you can choose from in your monetary donations by which you can help feed the poor:

  • 1 time Feeding of poor children in slum Rural areas (250 Children)
  • 1 time Feeding of poor children in slum Rural areas (1000 Children)
  • 1 time Feeding of poor urban families (400 people)

You are enjoined in the most heartfelt manner to help feed the poor people located in the urban areas. They are mostly unemployed, needing of food, and suffering from poor to zero healthcare.

Your monetary donations will be a most fitting way to bestow peace and comfort to the souls of your dearly departed loved ones, as part of the deep religious beliefs of followers of the Hindu religion.

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