Hindu Homage for Ancestors

Can Indians Living Abroad Still Perform Pind Daan for Ancestors?

Non-resident Indians (NRI’s) should not be hampered by distance away from India in performing the Hindu final homage for deceased family member and ancestors. All Hindu religious obligations are important to the followers of the Hindu religion. That is why no constraints of time and distance should stop them from performing these scared traditions for the sake of their forefathers. Through our group www.asthivisarjan.com, any NRI family living anywhere in the world can perform Pind Daan without having to travel to India where the ritual and prayers have to be conducted at any of the prescribed holy sites in India.


Pind Daan
Pind Daan


Our Vedic priests will perform the ritual of Pind Daan for your dearly departed loved ones and ancestors at any of the prescribed holy bodies of water in India. All this shall be done in strict accordance with the Hindu sacred texts, epics, and traditions. Our group offers convenient, professional, and traditional Pind Daan ceremony services for Hindus living outside of India. This addresses the NRI family’s need to fulfill the Hindu religious obligation.

Additionally, your NRI family will witness the actual ceremony via our Pind Daan mobile app that is available for download from the Apple App Store for your iPhone and iPad, as well as from the Google Play Store for your Android mobile devices. Through video footage and pictures of the actual traditional ceremony that will be uploaded on your Pind Daan mobile app, you will get front-seat viewing of your very own Pind Daan ceremony.

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