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Can Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Families Relegate Shraadh Pooja Services?

The shraadh pooja rituals must be performed within the first year of the loved one’s demise. Hindu holy scriptures and ancient traditions necessitate this. But there are Indians who are or may be unable to perform the rituals and prayers for several reasons such as busy personal schedules. For Indians living abroad, these families may be influenced by foreign cultures, making them no longer adhere to the strict philosophies and religious tenets and practices of the Hindu religion. While they may have a number of reasons for missing to perform shraadh pooja for their dearly departed and ancestors, the ritual remains to be a religious obligation among devotees of Hinduism.


Shraadh Pooja
Shraadh Pooja


NRI families anywhere in the world may relegate the performance of shraadh pooja to other Hindus who offer these services. The group behind www.asthivisarjan.com offers professional and affordable shraadh pooja services for non-resident Indians (NRI’s) anywhere across the globe who may be unable to conduct the rituals and prayers on their own. The services are in accordance with Hindu religious epics and ancient traditions, and performed by religious people for the NRI family.

For the NRI families, these shraadh pooja services will be conducted according to the prescribed schedule of rituals soon after the demise of the dearly departed family member, as well as for the family forefathers. Relegating these services will benefit NRI families fulfill their filial obligation to help the departed soul in its journey in the afterlife, ease the pains of the journey, and hasten the process of salvation of the Hindu soul.

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