Hindu Homage for the Deceased

Can Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Perform Asthi Visarjan?

The Hindu religious ritual of Asthi Visarjan must be performed on a prescribed obligatory schedule after the demise of the dearly departed loved one. The religious homage for the dearly departed must also be conducted in any of the prescribed holy bodies of water in India. These are all according to Vedic scriptures and ancient tradition. Devotees of the Hindu religion know that they must strictly follow the guidance as stated in their holy scriptures and sacred epics. Because NRI’s live outside of India, they face the huge challenge of traveling to India to perform Asthi Visarjan and on schedule. A huge majority of NRI’s simply cannot go to India for the ritual.




However, any Hindu family living abroad and facing this requirement can still perform Asthi Visarjan without actually attending the ceremony in India themselves. So, time and distance constraints are not a handicap in performing their religious obligation. Our group, www.asthivisarjan.com, precisely addresses this need among the NRI’s. Our Vedic Brahmins will perform the ritual at the prescribed holy site of your choice while you get to witness the entire ceremony via video and images through our group’s advanced mobile app technology.

Our group, being Hindus ourselves and mostly living outside of India, is well aware of the challenges facing NRI’s as we have encountered these problems ourselves. Thus, we have come up with a solution to address the huge need of Indians living abroad. Through our convenient end-to-end and affordable services, non-resident Indians (NRI’s) can definitely perform the Hindu religious homage for their dearly departed with the most traditional Asthi Visarjan ceremony, from anywhere they are located in the world, without attending the event held in India themselves.

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