Hindu Homage for Brahmin

Coordinates Your NRI Family’s Charity and Food Offerings for Brahmin

Brahmins are important in the Hindu religion because they are said to represent God. Being learned in the knowledge and wisdom of Hindu sacred texts and traditions, they are also the Vedic priests who officiate Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies. Homage to Brahmin is very much a part of the lives of Hindu devotees. It is also always a part of Hindu ceremonies as an act of devotion to God. If one pays homage to Brahmin, they are, in turn, blessed by Brahmin. This is tantamount to saying that they are blessed by God.


Brahmin Bhoj
Brahmin Bhoj


In the ritual of Brahmin Bhoj conducted on milestone occasions, Hindus offer food to Brahmins. Bhoj means feast. Money is also offered to them in the form of a donation. In the practice of Brahmin Daan, charity is extended to Brahmins in the form of sharing of resources such as food, clothing, and sleeping comforts, among other things. This ritual is encouraged to be done every day, but most especially during the shraadh or homage to ancestors.

Non-resident Indians (NRI’s) who are away from the rich culture of the motherland may tend to skip these forms of homage to Brahmin. However, they are still expected to practice these as they are devotees of the Hindu religion. If they are unable to directly perform these duties themselves, they may wish to relegate the events with the group behind www.asthivisarjan.com which will coordinate these events for the fulfillment of the religious obligations of Indians abroad living anywhere in the world.

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