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Hiring of Paath Services for Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

Services for Paath or recitation, reading, or chanting of the Hindu Peace Mantras, the Garuda Purana, or the Bhagwad Gita may be availed of from www.asthivisarjan.com for the convenient and professional devotional reading events of these Hindu sacred texts and words of wisdom. Devotees of the Hindu religion are required to have these devotional readings conducted in accordance to Hindu holy scriptures and ancient tradition.


Paath Services
Paath Services


The reading or recitation of the Garuda Purana is conducted at the Hindu funeral liturgy during funeral rites. This is done to help the soul of the departed loved one attain supreme destination towards joining the Divine. The reading or chanting of the Bhagwad Gita is done during the shraadh ceremonies for ancestors and forefathers. It is meant to please ancestors and help them journey to heaven. Recitations and incantations of the Hindu Peace Mantras are done during the opening and closing of all Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals. They are invocations of peace and harmony.

NRI families living abroad anywhere across the globe that require such recitation or chanting services may avail of the professional services rendered by the group behind www.asthivisarjan.com. The services come in convenient and affordable packages where traditional holy performers may be hired to do the devotional readings of Hindu sacred texts. NRI families who have the immediate requirement for these services may benefit from the timely deliverance of services from www.asthivisarjan.com.

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