Hindu Homage for Ancestors

How Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Fulfill their Pind Daan Requirements

The Pind Daan or Hindu religious homage for the dearly departed and ancestors should be performed in any one of the prescribed holy bodies of water in India. It is a Hindu religious obligation for all followers of Hinduism—even for Indians living outside India. Many non-resident Indians (NRI’s) have found a way to have the ritual performed traditionally without attending the actual ceremony in India themselves. This way, they still get to fulfill their Hindu religious obligatory homage for their deceased family members.


Pind Daan
Pind Daan


The professional group www.asthivisarjan.com provides traditional Pind Daan services in India for Indians living abroad and anywhere across the globe. NRI families make arrangements with the group where Vedic priests or Brahmin pandits perform the Pind Daan ceremony for their dearly departed and ancestors right on site in any of the prescribed holy places in India. They need not go to India to attend the traditional ceremonies. Their religious obligation is still performed according to Vedic scriptures and ancient tradition.

The Pind Daan requirements of Indians living outside India are addressed by www.asthivisarjan.com in a most timely manner because the ritual has to be performed soon after the demise of the dearly departed loved one. All they needed to do is get in touch with the group at the soonest possible time and avail of any of the affordable Pind Daan service packages. The group’s convenient services are a winning solution for the needs of the huge number of Indians living outside India and across the globe.

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