Hindu Homage for the Deceased

Is Online Asthi Visarjan Still According to Sacred Tradition?

Most definitely, yes. Nothing in the actual Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed is altered and revised from sacred texts and ancient traditions, even if the experience happens in the 21st century and encompasses all the benefits of communication through the Internet, as well as state-of-the-art mobile app technology. Though coming with all the benefits of ultra-modern society, the actual Hindu religious ritual ceremony is preserved and performed by Vedic priests or Brahmin pandits.


The holy river
The holy river


The entire ceremony remains in accordance with the dictates of ancient holy scriptures and traditions. The ritual of Asthi Visarjan is still performed on the banks and in the flowing waters of any of the prescribed holy rivers, lakes, and ponds in India—just as it has always been since ancient times. Through means of online communication such as email, the NRI family gets in touch with the www.asthivisarjan.com group to forward the ashen remains and bones of their dearly departed to their choice of any of the prescribed holy sites in India where the homage to the dearly departed has been conducted since ancient times. The Brahmin pandits on site perform the rituals and prayers, as well as immerse and scatter the cremated remains in the flowing waters of the holy river, lake, or pond.

Through state-of-the-art mobile app technology, another benefit of 21st century online communication, the NRI family gets to watch the entire ceremony as video and pictures are promptly uploaded on their mobile Asthi app. Online Asthi Visarjan is the seamless convergence of ancient religious tradition and the best of modern science and technology.

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