Hindu Homage for the Deceased

Like You’re Attending the Asthi Visarjan Ceremony Yourselves

The mobile Asthi app of www.asthivisarjan.com gives you a front-seat view of the performance of the Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed right on site in India. While Brahmin pandits perform the ceremonious homage for your deceased loved one at your choice of any of the holy rivers, lakes, and ponds in India, you get to witness the entire ritual through video footage and pictures that will be uploaded on your mobile Asthi app. The app is available for download through the Apple App Store for your iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for your Android devices.




Through the state-of-the-art technology of www.asthivisarjan.com, the Hindu religious homage for the dearly departed loved one may be performed conveniently for your non-resident Indian (NRI) family, anywhere on the globe that you may be located. You and your family need not go all the way back to India to fulfill your Hindu religious obligation for the deceased and ancestors. Through the mobile Asthi app, it’s as if you’re attending the ceremony yourselves.

What’s more, since the app is an online convenience, you can readily share the video footage and images with your friends and family via the Internet and throughout social media, right from the app itself. With www.asthivisarjan,com, you would be having the best of religious tradition combined with the latest in technology. All these are found within a very timely and convenient process that comes in very affordable packages for the benefit of all Indians living abroad.

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