Salvation of the Hindu Soul

The Ways of Salvation of the Hindu Soul: Short Guide for Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

In the more popular form of Hinduism that is practiced today, the concept and meaning of salvation of the Hindu soul is found in the wisdom and teachings of Hindu sacred literature such as the Purans or the two great stories of Ramayana and Mahabarata, as well as the sacred epics. Hindu philosophical schools are largely based on these sacred texts which stress the relevance of knowledge. Salvation of the Hindu soul always pertains to devotion to God, human representations of God such as the Brahmin, animal representations of the Divine, and the recognition of the sacredness of nature such as mountains and holy bodies of water.


Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple


The sacred Vedic texts and other Hindu religious epics are the foundation of the Hindu religion. Moreover, worship to the holy embodiments of God is the way to achieve salvation. Worship comes in the observance of numerous rituals, prayers, and sacred ceremonies. These ceremonies are the cornerstone of the religious and spiritual obligations of Hindu followers. Also, these ceremonies are based on sacred scriptures that shape the earthly lives and the afterlife destiny of Hindu devotees.

Family and ancestors are also very important in the Hindu religion. Homage to them shows love and respect. Reverential worship to them helps in the salvation of the Hindu soul, both the living and the departed. When Hindus revere their departed loved ones and forefathers, they please their souls and alleviate the sufferings of the souls in the afterlife. In turn, when the souls are pleased and happy, they bless the living and surviving families with happiness and abundance.

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