Homage to the Dearly Departed for Indians Abroad

The Hindu religious tradition for the dearly departed loved ones called Asthi Visarjan is very important for followers of the Hindu religion. The ritual for the deceased refers back to the sacred writings, holy texts, and traditions of which Hinduism is very much anchored on. Sacred texts such as the Vedas are the cornerstone of the Hindu religious philosophy and mythology. Everything that is prescribed in these holy texts must be practiced by Hindu devotees, no matter where in the world they are located.


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In the Vedas are found a description of how to achieve the final repose of the Hindu soul. The process of attaining this ends with the soul’s final resting homage. To help along the journey of the soul towards this attainment, Hindu religious rituals for the dearly departed and forefathers have to be performed by the living and surviving families. One such ritual is Asthi Visarjan. There are prescribed holy sites or holy bodies of water within India where the ritual has to be performed by Hindu priests. It becomes a huge challenge when Indians living outside of India are confronted with the need to perform Asthi Visarjan which is prescribed to be conducted as soon as possible and in a very timely manner.

Non-resident Indians (NRI’s) or Indians living abroad have available to them Asthi Visarjan services conducted by professional groups in the traditional manner in India and addressing a most immediate requirement. Through the convenient and affordable services of www.asthivisarjan.com, your Hindu family living anywhere across the globe can perform your Hindu religious ritual at the soonest possible time.

Importance of Ancestors to Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

Along with Hindu religious obligations, family and ancestors are of prime importance to followers of the Hindu religion. There are Hindu religious rituals that are precisely accorded to the dearly departed loved ones and ancestors. These rituals and ceremonies are meant to pay homage to family and forefathers, bestow love and respect upon them, and help their soul lessen the suffering while along its journey to the achievement of salvation in the presence of the Divine Power.


Hindu religious obligations


In Hindu holy scriptures, the soul having departed from the human and material body cannot complete its journey without the Hindu religious ritual of Asthi Visarjan or the final resting homage for the dearly departed. This ritual should be performed in a timely and traditional manner, as prescribed in Hindu sacred texts. If the ritual is performed along these lines, the living family would have accomplished their religious obligation as much as proven that ancestors are important to them.

Indians living abroad are not exempt from the Hindu religious ritual of Asthi Visarjan which must be conducted along the banks and in the waters of any of the prescribed holy sites in India. For non-resident Indians (NRI’s), there are groups such as www.asthivisarjan.com that conduct the ritual right on a prescribed holy site in India and performed by Hindu priests as called for in the holy scriptures, without requiring the actual attendance of the NRI family during the ceremony.

Does Distance Away from India Hinder NRI Religious Rituals?

The answer is a resounding NO. For Hindu devotees, the performance of Hindu religious rituals must be done, no matter where in the world the Hindu is located. Non-resident Indians (NRI’s) often have the problem of conducting the Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed called Asthi Visarjan because the sacred texts and traditions require that the ritual be performed on the banks of any of the prescribed holy rivers, lakes, and ponds within India. But this shouldn’t be a problem for NRI’s. Living outside India does not exempt Hindus from the traditional performance of their religious rituals

However, the reality of distance away from India does pose a challenge for Indians living abroad. Many of them are unaware that a ritual such as Asthi Visarjan may still be conducted according to the manner and time prescribed in Hindu holy scriptures. Moreover, the Hindu family residing outside of India and needing a timely performance of the ritual need not be physically present in their choice of any of the holy sites required for the conduct of the final homage for their dearly departed.


Hindu religious ritual
Hindu religious ritual


There are professional groups that perform Asthi Visarjan for the benefit of Indian families living abroad. Hindu priests conduct the ritual on the holy site of the family’s choice in strict traditional manner. These groups facilitate such performances, while offering convenience for these Hindu families living abroad. One such group is www.asthivisarjan.com whose professional and affordable service packages are meant to address the requirements of religious obligation of Hindus living outside India.

How asthivisarjan.com Helps Non-Resident Indians (NRI) Across the Globe

In the Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed called Asthi Visarjan, the ashes and bones of the deceased member of the family have to be immersed and scattered in the flowing waters of one of the prescribed holy rivers, lakes, and ponds in India. This becomes a challenge for the living family that resides outside of India who may not be able to travel all the way back to the motherland to have the Asthi Visarjan ritual performed and attend the ceremony on site.

This constraint in distance often becomes a reason for the ritual not to be performed right away, as prescribed in Hindu sacred scriptures and tradition, or worse, not performed at all on the dearly departed family member.




However, every Hindu knows that a religious obligation such as Asthi Visarjan is compulsory because the homage for the dearly departed helps the soul have a less painful journey in the afterlife and liberate them from the karmic cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This becomes a dilemma for non-resident Indians (NRI’s) who are not located in India. To address this reality, www.asthivisarjan.com has come up with a solution to make sure that Indians living abroad are able to perform the religious ritual for their dearly departed even without them going back to India to attend and perform the actual ritual ceremony in any of the prescribed holy bodies of water in India.

On the holy site of the NRI family’s choice, Hindu priests will perform the religious ceremony for the deceased, according to the holy scriptures and sacred traditions. In the process, the NRI family gets to fulfill their religious obligation for their dearly departed loved ones. This is the vision of www.asthivisarjan.com: to make sure that each and every Indian family living abroad anywhere across the globe can bestow homage to their dearly departed family member in a traditional and timely manner.

Is Online Asthi Visarjan Still According to Sacred Tradition?

Most definitely, yes. Nothing in the actual Hindu religious ritual for the dearly departed is altered and revised from sacred texts and ancient traditions, even if the experience happens in the 21st century and encompasses all the benefits of communication through the Internet, as well as state-of-the-art mobile app technology. Though coming with all the benefits of ultra-modern society, the actual Hindu religious ritual ceremony is preserved and performed by Vedic priests or Brahmin pandits.


The holy river
The holy river


The entire ceremony remains in accordance with the dictates of ancient holy scriptures and traditions. The ritual of Asthi Visarjan is still performed on the banks and in the flowing waters of any of the prescribed holy rivers, lakes, and ponds in India—just as it has always been since ancient times. Through means of online communication such as email, the NRI family gets in touch with the www.asthivisarjan.com group to forward the ashen remains and bones of their dearly departed to their choice of any of the prescribed holy sites in India where the homage to the dearly departed has been conducted since ancient times. The Brahmin pandits on site perform the rituals and prayers, as well as immerse and scatter the cremated remains in the flowing waters of the holy river, lake, or pond.

Through state-of-the-art mobile app technology, another benefit of 21st century online communication, the NRI family gets to watch the entire ceremony as video and pictures are promptly uploaded on their mobile Asthi app. Online Asthi Visarjan is the seamless convergence of ancient religious tradition and the best of modern science and technology.